Personal Injury Attorneys in Waterford, Connecticut

You may deserve compensation for an accident, illness, or wrongful death. Securing such compensation generally requires a lawsuit or insurance claim, though, and you may be short on time and energy. A personal injury lawyer from Polito & Harrington, LLC will lead your case in Waterford.

Why Choose Polito & Harrington, LLC?

If your case is in Waterford, your personal injury attorneys should have a presence in Waterford.

As a Connecticut-based firm, Polito & Harrington, LLC knows how to complete cases in your area.

We provide responsive, effective legal care to every client.

Our track record contains many settlements and judgments for our clients, including:

  • A $6.4 million settlement for architectural and engineering malpractice
  • A $4 million settlement in a wrongful death case
  • A $1.2 million settlement against a casino for a slip and fall
  • A $1.05 million settlement for a client injured in a drunk driving accident
  • A $2.8 million verdict in a breach of contract case

These are just a few of our many personal injury case results.

You may expect us to win when you hire us, but we deliver more than a fight for compensation.

Our firm will also:

  • Help with case-related appointments
  • Help you find effective medical care
  • Reply to emails and answer phone calls
  • Keep you abreast of your case’s progress

Some victims try to handle their personal injury cases without legal help. This can be a mistake that imposes stress, mental health deficits, and further physical harm on the plaintiff. Polito & Harrington, LLC will lead your case from start to finish.

What Polito & Harrington, LLC’s Clients Say About Our Firm

Case results speak to a law firm’s effectiveness in negotiations or at trial. Testimonials, on the other hand, tell you how a firm treats its clients.

Our clients appreciate our unique brand of legal service:

  • Attorney Harrington goes above and beyond for his clients. This experience was a first for me, and he made sure to guide me every step of the process. Not only is he very knowledgeable,  but he also is attentive to his clients. The entire staff is friendly and helps ease any anxiety when going through this process. I highly recommend this office, and Attorney Harrington!
  • “My experience with Attorney Bert Polito was everything you would expect and more from an injury attorney. He was always professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate, especially after he spoke with my doctors. He always returned my phone calls. This was a wonderful experience from a bad accident.”
  • “My experience with attorney Bert Polito and Polito & Harrington was the first and best time I worked with a lawyer. I would/will definitely be referring this firm to others who are in need of a lawyer who is polite, caring, and informative.”

We provide the same high standard of service to every client. You won’t have to worry about your legal case it’s our responsibility. You can focus on your recovery while a personal injury lawyer from our team handles your case in Waterford.

Who Can Bring a Personal Injury Case?

We represent those who’ve suffered harm because of someone’s negligence. This includes victims with illness or injury. It also includes those who’ve lost a loved one.

You may bring a personal injury case following:

If you have any questions about a personal injury case, call our team. We’ll explain whether you have grounds for a personal injury claim.

What Does Our Firm Do for Personal Injury Victims?

We are a full-service firm. That means that we handle every aspect of your personal injury case. This may include:

Hiring experts based on your case type

Experts can help us process evidence in your case. We may hire medical experts for a malpractice case, engineering experts for a construction accident, and so on. We don’t hesitate to hire anyone who can improve your case.

Experts may also:

  • Help investigate your injurious circumstances
  • Provide direct testimony
  • Digitally or physically reconstruct an accident
  • Project future losses

Certain resources, like experts, can significantly strengthen a personal injury claim. Polito & Harrington, LLC can provide those resources at no extra cost.

Recording and projecting your losses

Each of our clients suffers different losses. Your case type, specific injuries, and other personal details will determine your damages. Our team works with doctors, mental health professionals, law enforcement, you, and your loved ones to identify your losses.

You may receive compensation for:

  • Medical expenses
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage
  • Lost income and earning power
  • Loss of consortium (in wrongful death cases)
  • Any other damages resulting from negligence

Serious injuries may affect you indefinitely. You may need medical treatment for the foreseeable future or not know if you can ever return to work. Our firm accounts for these realities when identifying and valuing your damages.

Dealing with attorneys and insurance companies

Your case may involve both insurance companies and other attorneys. These parties will have experience with claims and may try to violate your rights. The team at Polito & Harrington, LLC protects our clients from insurers and lawyers. We will speak to these parties on your behalf. If you must give a statement, then we will assist and protect you during that process.

Negotiating a financial settlement

Financial recovery is the goal of every personal injury claim. While your recovery is our foremost priority, we’re under no false assumptions you hire our team to win for you.

Our team handles the entire legal or insurance process for you. From making phone calls to filing your case and even going to trial, you can trust us to get it done.

Call Polito & Harrington, LLC Today About Your Personal Injury Case

File your personal injury case as soon as possible. Per Connecticut law, you generally have only two years to file a personal injury claim. You may also have two years to file a wrongful death claim after your loved one’s passing.

A lawyer from our team will move quickly to file your case in Waterford. Start with a free consultation call Polito & Harrington, LLC today at (860) 447-3300. We’ll answer your questions, introduce you to our team, and proceed with any case that you have. You pay us nothing when you hire us. We only receive a fee if we secure a judgment or settlement for you.

At such a scary time in our lives, it was so reassuring to have Bert represent us. He and everyone we dealt with at his office were invariably professional, compassionate, and responsive to our many questions and concerns. We knew that we could trust Bert to always act in our best interest.
Mr. Harrington was very professional and kept us well informed. We are very pleased in every aspect and we recommend him to other people.
Attorney Bert Polito and Harrington helped reassure my family through the entire process. We are extremely grateful to him and his staff.
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