Waterford Car Accident Attorneys

Have you suffered injuries in a car accident in Waterford? You may receive compensation for your losses. Polito & Harrington, LLC is a full-service personal injury law firm ready to fight for you.

We can also help if your loved one passed away from accident-related injuries. You deserve a legal team that knows Waterford. Trust a lawyer from Polito & Harrington to lead your car accident case.

What Differentiates Polito & Harrington, LLC From Other Law Firms?

We aren’t the only law firm serving Waterford, and we know this. Our firm goes the extra mile for our clients, knowing that they have several choices for legal help.

We also differentiate ourselves by:

  • Providing you with one-on-one, personal attention: Our Waterford attorneys will form a meaningful relationship with you. We believe that genuine communication is essential for an effective defense. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to our team at any time.
  • Leveraging our 45 years of personal injury experience: Experience matters when handling a car accident case. Our attorneys have a firm understanding of the personal injury process, including challenges that may arise. We’ll be ready to handle any obstacles that arise during your case.
  • Fighting tirelessly for a positive outcome: We aren’t afraid of tough cases. When we accept your car accident case, we work until it’s resolved. Whether we negotiate a settlement or need to go to trial, we’ll see your case through to the end.

Some law firms claim to provide such a standard of legal care but don’t always come through. We don’t compromise on client satisfaction.

Car Accident Lawyer in Waterford

Former Clients Describes the Polito & Harrington, LLC Difference

The claims of a personal injury firm mean little if clients aren’t satisfied.

The Polito & Harrington team are proud of our client testimonials:

  • Attorney James Harrington is the best. I was so fortunate to have him represent my family after the tragedy we were faced with. He was really there for us from beginning to end.
  • “My experience with Attorney Bert Polito was everything you would expect and more from an injury attorney. He was always professional, knowledgeable, and compassionate, especially after he spoke with my doctors. He always returned my phone calls. This was a wonderful experience from a bad accident.”
  • Polito & Harrington, LLC put me first getting the necessary treatment for my injuries. Now let’s talk about the settlement and process let’s just say they exceeded my expectations.”

We strive for every client to have such positive experiences.

Our Case Results Show How We Fight for Clients

Before you hire a law firm, you deserve to see results.

Our results in car accident cases include:

  • A $3 million settlement for an accident victim in a distracted driving case
  • A $775,000 settlement for a casino limousine accident victim requiring back surgery
  • A $2 million judgment for an accident victim who suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI)

We fight for the compensation our clients deserve nothing less. A car accident lawyer from our firm may be your greatest advocate after your collision. Let us handle your case in Waterford while you recover from your injuries.

We’ll handle every step of your case

Polito & Harrington, LLC is a full-service firm.

We will handle every step of your car accident case, including:

  • Investigation of your accident
  • Witness interviews
  • Collection of evidence
  • Documentation and valuation of your losses
  • Filing of your claim
  • Completion of all case-related documents
  • Case-related communications
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Completion of a trial, if it is necessary

We’ll also determine who is liable for your accident. A motorist is generally liable. In cases involving vehicle defects, a vehicle or component manufacturer may be liable. We’ll name all liable parties as defendants in your case.

Our firm requires no upfront payment from you. We’ll only receive a fee if we secure compensation for you.

Questions That Car Accident Victims Frequently Ask

We represent many car accident victims, and we receive some common questions. Those questions include:

What Are Some of the Dangerous Driving Areas in Waterford?

Roads, intersections, and general areas vary in terms of driving safety. Factors like traffic density, visibility, and terrain may all affect the relative risk of a collision.

Some areas in Waterford that may present a significant risk of an accident are:

  • Route 85: Monitor the newsfeed, and you’ll find no shortage of reported accidents on Route 85 in Waterford. This route is known for its high traffic density, and careless drivers may quickly cause a collision on this road.
  • Any road with heavy traffic: The more vehicles on a given road, the more opportunities for collision. Motorists may also become frustrated or confused in high-traffic conditions. Such a lack of composure may lead them to act dangerously.
  • Intersections with high traffic: Intersections pose a high risk of collision. Drivers traveling in opposing directions leave little room for error.
  • Roads in poor condition or with law visibility: Poor road conditions may cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles. This may contribute to or directly cause an accident.

The truth is that a car accident can happen on any road in Waterford. When motorists are not careful, accidents happen. When manufacturers produce and sell faulty vehicles, accidents also happen. If you or a loved one have been in an accident, it’s time to seek justice.

We encourage you to get legal help as soon as possible. Connecticut General Statutes § 52-584 generally allows you to file a personal injury case within two years of your accident. This deadline may shift based on when you discovered your injuries. Our firm would prefer as much time as possible to file your case.

Call Polito & Harrington, LLC for a Free Consultation Today

Someone is responsible for your car accident in Waterford. Our team at Polito & Harrington, LLC will determine who that party is and whether they should cover your losses. More than one party may be liable for your accident.

A lawyer from our team will seek the compensation you deserve. Call Polito & Harrington, LLC today at (860) 447-3300 for a free consultation. We’ll explain the next steps for you to seek justice. Our team is available around the clock, so don’t wait to call.

At such a scary time in our lives, it was so reassuring to have Bert represent us. He and everyone we dealt with at his office were invariably professional, compassionate, and responsive to our many questions and concerns. We knew that we could trust Bert to always act in our best interest.
Mr. Harrington was very professional and kept us well informed. We are very pleased in every aspect and we recommend him to other people.
Attorney Bert Polito and Harrington helped reassure my family through the entire process. We are extremely grateful to him and his staff.
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