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Who Is Liable for Your Slip and Fall Accident?
Slip and Fall Accident Lawyer

Like most people, you probably assume that slips and falls typically do not result in serious injuries—and you would be right. In the vast majority of slip and fall accident cases, the person who fell simply gets up, dusts off, and moves on with little more than a bump or a bruise.

Some slip and fall accidents, however, have the potential to result in much more serious injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, hip fractures, or serious soft tissue injuries. In fact, some slip and fall injuries can even result in long-term disabilities that can affect a person for the rest of her life. When this occurs, victims naturally wonder whether they will recover compensation—and from whom.

Where You Slipped and Fell Is Important

After a slip and fall accident, the first question to ask to determine liability is where your accident occurred. If your accident occurred in your home or on your property, you alone are probably liable for your accident. If it occurred on someone else’s property, on the other hand, you may be able to hold the person or business responsible for the maintenance of the property liable for your injuries.

What Caused Your Slip and Fall?

The next issue to determine is what caused your slip and fall accident. Property owners have a duty to keep their properties in reasonably safe conditions. If they fail to do so, and that failure results in injury, they can be held liable for the resulting losses. Some examples of slip and fall hazards that would generally impart liability to the person or party responsible for the maintenance of the property include:

Exposed electrical wiring

Wet floors

Accumulations of snow or ice

Insufficient lighting

Torn carpet

Uneven floors

Slippery floors

  Uneven stairs

Debris in walkways

Missing handrails

Always Have Your Case Reviewed by an Attorney

At this point, you may think, “I slipped on a wet floor in a supermarket. I should be able to recover, right?” While you may be correct, it is not that simple. The question that always needs to be addressed is whether the party responsible for the maintenance of the property acted “reasonably” in the circumstances. For example, a reasonable grocer would probably clean a liquid spill within an hour of it occurring—or at least put up signs warning people about the hazard. On the other hand, no grocer would be able to clean a spill the moment it occurred (assuming that they did not see it happen). Because of these issues, it is important for all slip and fall victims to have an attorney review their cases as soon as possible.

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Slip and fall accidents often leave people with serious injuries that require emergency medical treatment, rehabilitative care, and result in a significant amount of lost income. To discuss your options with a New London, Connecticut, slip and fall attorney, call Polito & Associates today at (860) 447-3300 or send us an email through our online contact form.