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Common Locations for Slip and Falls

Most people carry about their day without giving much thought to the possibility of a slip and fall accident. After all, it’s easy to associate a slip or a trip with a slapstick comedy routine, not an accident that results in a serious injury. Walking through the grocery store, passing under a construction site, or […]

As Labor Day Approaches, Watch for Drunk Drivers

Next to the Fourth of July, Labor Day is one of the biggest summer holidays that we celebrate in the United States. This holiday is synonymous with backyard BBQs, fireworks, and the unofficial end of summer. Along with the Labor Day celebration is the tradition of enjoying a few drinks with friends. Unfortunately, people sometimes […]

Uber Accident Basics – Who Can Be Held Liable?

Uber provides an easy and convenient form of transportation, often faster and serving wider areas than public transportation—and cheaper than taxis. Many people use Uber instead of renting a car when visiting the Norwich area, or just for a safe ride home after a couple of drinks. Overall, Uber has transformed quick and easy transportation […]

The Dangers of Carbon Monoxide & Safety Tips

Everyone should be aware of the risks of carbon monoxide poisoning at home, however, many people do not understand the scope of the problem. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports the following statistics regarding carbon monoxide poisoning: About 20,000 people visit an emergency department each year due to possible poisoning About 4,000 […]

Safety Tips about the Use of Portable Generators

A power outage can cause serious problems for anyone – whether it creates dangerous temperatures in a home, wastes food, freezes pipes, halts operations at a business, or simply makes it impossible to perform everyday tasks. For this reason, many Connecticut home and business owners have portable generators ready to go in the event of […]