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Most people who have been driving for several years have either been involved in a car or truck accident or seen one happen. With about 300 million registered vehicles currently in the United States, car accidents happen all the time.

In 2019, law enforcement received reports of about 6.7 million automobile accidents in the United States. The economic cost of these crashes ranges in the hundreds of billions of dollars lost each year.

Even though vehicles are becoming safer every year with new safety systems installed, there are still far too many car accidents where people are seriously injured. That’s why it’s so important to contact a car accident attorney if you suffer from serious injuries caused by another driver’s negligent actions.

This article will discuss the most common causes of car and truck crashes in the United States.

Causes of Car Accidents

Car accidents can happen in countless scenarios. But some types of collisions are more frequent than others. If you know what usually causes car accidents, you can take precautions to avoid causing one. Keep reading to learn more about the most common causes of car accidents.

#1. Drunk or Impaired Driving

Despite the millions of dollars spent each year to stop drunk driving and the steep penalties people have to pay for DUIs, driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol still causes many car accidents in the United States.

Connecticut in just one year saw 94 DUI-related fatalities. This amounted to almost 40 percent of all traffic-related fatalities that year. All told, there were over 1 million DUI arrests in the United States that year, with the state of Connecticut contributing 7,577 DUI arrests for 2019.

When drugs or alcohol impair someone, it doesn’t take much to have their perceptions and driving ability diminished significantly.

#2. Distracted Driving

A close second to drunk driving is distracted driving. In the past, distracted driving was a problem that sometimes led to accidents, but it was fairly minor. But with the advent of the smartphone around 20 years ago, the problem has become an epidemic.

In fact, distracted driving may rival driving under the influence as one of the most common causes of car crashes. It’s difficult to know for certain, however, because it’s easier to track DUI cases than to determine how many people look at their phones while driving.

In just one year, distracted drivers killed over 3,000 people in the United States, and injured about 424,000, according to the CDC.

Taking your eyes off the road for a fraction of a second is all it takes to lose control of your vehicle. The best practice is to keep your phone in your pocket. No text is more important than your life or the lives of other people using the roads and highways of Connecticut.

If a distracted driver injured you,  immediately contact a car accident attorney to discuss your options.

#3. Speeding

Driving too fast is another major cause of automobile crashes. If you drive too fast, you can easily lose control of your vehicle. But more importantly, if drive too fast, you can’t stop your vehicle in time to prevent a collision.

For example, what if someone in front of you must stop quickly because a pedestrian walked into the road? If you’re driving too fast, you might not be able to stop in time. You could cause a rear-end collision even if you’re doing everything else right by paying attention and being attentive.

#4. Aggressive Driving

Aggressive driving is the definition of careless and reckless driving.

Examples of aggressive driving can include:

  • Driving erratically
  • Driving dangerously fast
  • Tailgating or riding someone’s bumper
  • Speeding up then slamming on the breaks
  • Quickly switching lanes without warning
  • Running red lights
  • Not coming to a complete stop at stop signs
  • Weaving in and out of traffic
  • Getting into road rage incidents

Accidents due to aggressive driving can be some of the most violent types of vehicle crashes, causing serious injuries. If an aggressive driver injured you, you may seek compensation for your injuries. The best chance to be fully and fairly compensated is to contact an experienced car accident lawyer.

#5. Poor Weather

No matter where you live, poor weather could affect your driving. Drivers in Connecticut can face dangerous road conditions due to weather during a significant portion of the year.

With winter weather, drivers can easily lose control of their vehicles on ice and snow. A good car accident attorney will tell you that the best way to prevent weather-related car crashes is to just stay home.

Connecticut drivers should always pay attention to the weather. If you are planning a trip, take a look at the forecast in advance and try to avoid snowstorms or heavy downpours of rain.

Contact an Experienced Car Accident Lawyer Today

If a car accident caused by someone’s negligent driving seriously injured you, they must compensate you for your injuries. You need to contact a knowledgeable and skilled car accident attorney as soon as possible after a serious car or truck crash.

A good car accident lawyer will be able to answer your questions and help you through this difficult time. Your lawyer will explain what a fair settlement should be for your injuries and your damages.

Never settle your case with the at-fault driver’s automobile insurance company on your own. The automobile insurance company will have a small army of adjusters, investigators, and lawyers, all fighting to pay you as little as possible. Don’t let them take advantage of you.

You need to hire your own strong and aggressive legal team to fight for your rights to receive compensation for your injuries and try to make you whole again.

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