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Winter Weather Truck Accidents in Connecticut
New London Truck Accident Attorney

Anyone who lives in Connecticut knows how much snow can fall each winter and how much ice can accumulate on the roads. Often, it is difficult to tell when a road is icy and dangerous, so it is wise to take caution when driving in any type of winter weather conditions. You cannot, however, control the decisions of other drivers to continue to drive fast on potentially dangerous roadways. Specifically, commercial truck drivers can be a huge threat in winter weather.

Why Truck Drivers may Speed

In CT, semi-trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds when they are fully loaded in comparison to the average vehicle, which may weigh around 3,000 pounds. All of the weight of the larger engines and the cargo give trucks more traction on the roads than smaller passenger vehicles may have. For this reason, truck drivers may feel like they have more control and may push the speed at which they decide to travel. In addition, many truck drivers have been driving their trucks for years and have traveled through adverse weather conditions many, many times. This experience may give them a false sense of confidence that their truck will not be affected by the snow or ice.

Despite the weight of the truck and the experience of drivers, drivers of tractor-trailers can still easily lose control if they unexpectedly hit an icy patch. The weight of the truck may then make it even more difficult for them to stop, which often leads to collisions. Therefore, it is not safe for commercial truckers to speed in winter weather.

Legal Duty of Drivers in Winter Weather

Truck drivers have a duty to drive in a reasonably safe manner while always taking the traffic, road, and weather conditions into consideration. Simply because the posted speed limit says 55 miles per hour does not mean it is safe to travel at that speed if it is snowing or icy. If a driver does not slow down and causes an accident, simply citing that they were within the posted speed limit will not relieve them of liability.

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