Motorcycle Crash? Here’s Why You Should Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Connecticut

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

At least 80,000 persons are injured in motorcycle accidents yearly. Yes, you read right!

Victims of motorcycle accidents are often left with a painful injury, substantial medical bills, and damage to their beloved motorcycle.

If you were involved in a motorcycle accident, consider hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer. Read on to find out why you should hire a motorcycle accident lawyer in Connecticut today!


The truth is there may be times when you just won’t be eligible for any compensation. Take for example if you were the one who caused the accident.

However, all is not lost as you might still be able to receive a small settlement that you can put towards repairing your bike as well as helping with your injuries.

Hiring a motorcycle lawyer will help you to find out whether you’re fit for compensation. Your lawyer will also negotiate the amount that you should get from your insurance company.

Legal Claim Process

If you indeed qualify for compensation your attorney will explain the process of filing a legal claim to you.

Some cases might simply include you’re lawyer negotiating with your insurance company for a fair settlement while others could include going to court to find the best settlement for you.

No matter what strategy is needed a good attorney will guide you through the process.

Your Concerns Will Be Addressed

Like the average person, you might be unfamiliar with the legal claim process and you probably have several questions. Expressing your concerns and questions to your attorney will help you get the answers that you seek.

Why Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Once you hire a motorcycle accident lawyer, they’ll spend time gathering all the facts surrounding your case. They’ll examine the police reports to determine what happened during the accident.

Your Lawyer will get in touch with insurance companies to further assess your case. They’ll also assess your present medical situation and determine the bills that could stem from the accident in the future.

Your attorney will gather all these facts and use them to benefit you by creating a strong case on your behalf.

Let the Negotiation Begin

The first thing your attorney will do is to reach out to your insurance company and try to negotiate a settlement.

It’s highly likely that your insurance company will try to work out a settlement deal with you personally. It’s also likely that they will try to give you much less than you can actually get.

As long as you haven’t accepted it, your attorney will push for a settlement that you really deserve. They’ll use the facts that they gathered to do so. It cannot be said enough that you should leave negotiation to your lawyer.

Filing a Lawsuit

Most times a settlement will be reached with your insurance company but if it doesn’t happen you will need to go to court. Your lawyer will file a personal injury lawsuit for you.

They’ll present your case, argue the facts and highlight to the jury why you deserve more compensation than offered by your insurance company. In short, your attorney boosts your chances of winning your lawsuit.

The Jury

Many people have a misconstrued idea of motorcyclists and that might be how the jury sees you. This will be one of the greatest challenges in your court case.

Most people assume that most motorcycle accidents are caused by the motorcyclist due to the fact that many motorcyclists tend to be irresponsible and reckless. Your attorney will easily negate these misconceptions.

They’ll show that you’re responsible and highlight your expertise and experience where necessary.

Getting a Settlement

Your end goal is to get compensated for your motorcycle as well as to take care of your medical bills and injuries. Your lawyer will make it their mission to get you the sum that you deserve.

By hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer, you’ll be able to focus on nursing your injuries as well as recovering from the accident. You can feel assured that your lawyer will deal with the process and all the legalities to ensure that you get the best compensation package.

How to Choose a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

A lot has been said about why you need a lawyer but you may be wondering how you should go about choosing the right one. Choosing a motor vehicle accident lawyer is a big decision so make sure that you choose a lawyer who is a specialist in personal injury cases. They should also be a specialist in motor vehicle accident cases.

Ask your lawyer about their success rate and the process they use to win cases such as yours. Find out if they have any referrals, its good to hear whenever possible how they handled cases in the past.

You will need to pay your lawyer so find out how they take compensation for their services. Will you have to pay upfront, do you pay at different points throughout the case or do they only get compensation if you win the case. All these are important questions to have the answer to before you agree to hire a lawyer to deal with your case.

It is also best to ask all these questions during your first consultation with a potential lawyer.

Road to Better Days

If you’re involved in a motorcycle accident then hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer is your best bet. They are aptly suited to handle negotiating with your insurance company, filing a personal injury claim, representing you in court and ensuring that you get the money that you deserve for your injuries.

They’ll undertake all the processes as well as the legalities necessary to get you money to help with your medical bills and your motorcycle repairs. This leaves you with more time to focus on your journey to recovery.

A supportive attorney is there to make your life easier after an accident so don’t hesitate to hire one.

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