Three Nursing Home Injuries that are Often the Result of Neglect

January 16, 2018 | By Polito & Harrington LLC
Three Nursing Home Injuries that are Often the Result of Neglect Deciding to place yourself or a loved one in the care of a nursing home is a big decision. It results in a lifestyle change, with additional supervision and care - this is often a positive and necessary move. Anytime you are placing yourself or someone you know under the care of a facility, there is the chance of neglect from the staff or from the conditions of the home. Some injuries are accidental, but unfortunately, nursing home injuries that occur from neglect or even abuse are more common than most people imagine. Understanding what common injuries to look for, and how to recognize those injuries is an important skill to have when you or someone that you care about is living in a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Three Common Types of Injuries in a Nursing Home

While there are many instances of nursing home abuse reported each year, three of the most common types of nursing home injuries include:
  1. Malnutrition or dehydration - a common form of neglect is when the nursing home staff doesn’t provide proper (or enough) food and water for their patients.
  2. Emotional and social neglect - this could include isolation, being left alone without care or other social stimulation, or even being yelled at by nursing home staff.
  3. Visible injuries - these might include cuts, bruises, infections or bedsores. An injury from a fall that goes without proper medical attention or unattended personal hygiene issues are also signs to check for.

How to spot a Nursing Home Injury

Occasionally, an injury sustained at a nursing home is truly an accident. When an injury is an accident, the staff at the nursing home should proactively attempt to communicate this with the family members of the person in care of the home. They should also immediately take steps to resolve the underlying issue. In many cases though, there is an instance of neglect or even abuse occurring at the home. It is important to understand how to recognize the difference between an accidental injury versus an injury caused by neglect or abuse. Here are a few specific signs to look for:
  • A general change in attitude and demeanor - has the patient shown a dramatic shift in friendliness and willingness to engage with the nursing home staff and other patients? This could signify a problem.
  • Sudden weight loss - A result of neglect is often weight loss, this could be due to emotional distress or simply not receiving enough food.
  • Visible environmental hazards - these might include poor lighting, slippery floors, a dirty facility, outdated or unusable equipment (like wheelchairs and walkers), and unsafe or broken furniture.

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