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Serious Facial Injuries in Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents
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Motorcycles and bicycles do not have seat belts or other types of restraints like cars and trucks have. For this reason, if a crash occurs, the rider can often be thrown from the bike. This is particularly common in rear-end collisions – whether the motorcycle or bicycle rider is the front or rear vehicle in the crash. The force of the impact often sends riders forward from their bike, which means they can land hard on the pavement or on another vehicle.

Because of the forward force that results from many collisions, riders can easily go face-first into the ground or a vehicle in front of them. Even if they have the time and reflexes to reach out their hands, it often results in broken bones in the arms and their face will still take a direct hit. Most riders do not wear helmets with face guards, so this can result in serious damage to the facial area. The following are some serious face-related injuries that can occur to motorcyclists and bicyclists:

Broken jaw – Breaking or dislocating your jaw1 can make it difficult to eat or even breathe. This injury can be extremely painful and requires immediate medical treatment and often surgery.

Facial fractures – There are many small delicate bones in your face that can fracture with trauma, including your nose and cheekbones. These fractures can cause serious pain and disfigurement in some victims.

Eye injuries – The eyes can be damaged, especially if there is direct trauma to the eye tissue. This can cause lasting vision problems and even blindness.

Dental injuries – Hitting your face can cause teeth to be chipped or can even knock teeth out completely, often requiring costly dental treatment and repair.

Fractured skull – When the skull fractures, it can cause disfigurement and pieces of the bones can even travel into the brain tissue, resulting in a traumatic brain injury.2

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