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Recovering for Injuries Sustained in a Connecticut Dog Bite Case
Dog Bite Lawyers in CT

Millions of people are bitten by dogs every year in the United States, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates1 that almost one in every five bites becomes infected. In addition to infection, dog bites can cause injuries like lacerations, broken bones, muscle tears, and even result in the amputation of fingers and toes. Fortunately for victims, Connecticut law often entitles dog bite victims to recover financial compensation for their losses from the animal’s owner.

The Connecticut Dog Bite Statute

The Connecticut Dog Bite Statute, found in Connecticut General Statutes section 22-357,2 imposes strict liability on dog owners for damage caused to the property or body of another person. This means that an owner can be held liable even if the dog has never acted aggressively before or the owner took reasonable care to ensure that the dog did not attack someone. Additionally, the statute covers all damage caused by a dog, not just the damage caused by bites – for example, if a dog jumps up to say hello and knocks a person over breaking his or her arm, the dog owner could be held liable.

There are two situations in which an owner is not liable under the law:

  • If the person injured by the dog was trespassing or committing another tort when he or she was injured
  • The person who was injured was teasing, tormenting, or abusing the dog
  • The law presumes that child under seven was not engaging in trespass or committing another tort, teasing, tormenting, or abusing a dog.

Do You Need a Lawyer To Recover Compensation?

While there is no rule requiring victims to retain an attorney, it is important to understand that dog bite cases are often complicated and determining how much a case is worth can be difficult for those without legal training. For this reason, it is highly advisable for anyone injured by a dog in Connecticut to speak to an attorney as soon as possible.

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