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I was a passenger in a car accident – can I file a personal injury claim?

I was a passenger in a car accident - can I file a personal injury claim?

If you were a passenger involved in a car accident, you generally have an easier case to prove than the driver does because as a passenger, you do not have to worry about proving liability. Generally, one of the drivers will be liable.

Filing a Passenger Injury Claim

If you are a passenger injured in a car accident, your personal injury claim will proceed just like any other type of car accident claim, except if it was a two car accident, then the passenger would make the claim against both drivers.

Passenger Injury Case in a Two-Car Accident

In this instance, there may be some disagreement over liability between the two insurance companies, which can unnecessarily delay the passenger’s settlement.

Multiple Passenger Injury Claims

In the event that a car with three passengers is rear-ended, all four occupants of the car are injured. Each of the injured parties will file claims against the negligent driver. If the total value of the injury cases exceeds the driver’s insurance, each injured person will have to settle with the negligent driver for less than what their case may be worth.

Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage

If you were a passenger in a motor vehicle accident, and the at-fault driver carried no insurance or insurance inadequate to cover your damages, you may have additional coverage under your own auto insurance policy. Typically, availing yourself of this coverage will not adversely affect your insurance rates; this is coverage that you pay for in the event someone else causes you harm and is unable to compensate you.

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