Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury on Children

November 23, 2016 | By Polito & Harrington LLC
Effects of a Traumatic Brain Injury on Children

When children sustain a traumatic brain injury, the results can be devastating. The developing brain is extremely delicate, and TBIs can have a significant impact on nearly every aspect of a child’s life. Some of the more common ways a TBI can affect a child are discussed below.

Educational Delays and Complications

Even a mild TBI like a concussion can keep a child from attending school for weeks or even months in some cases. Brain injuries often require rest as an important part of a treatment program - and that can include both physical and cognitive rest. Children who miss a substantial amount of schoolwork may fall behind, may have to take summer or remedial classes, or may even have to repeat a grade. Parents may have to pay for tutors or home instructors to keep their child up to date in school during TBI recovery. Simply because a child is cleared to attend school does not mean that the challenges end there. Lingering effects of TBIs can cause many problems at school, including struggles with the following:
  • Timed tests and assignments
  • Reading aloud in class
  • Focus and concentration
  • Following instructions
  • Communicating thoughts verbally or orally
  • Handling group social situations
Young TBI victims can require many services in order to succeed in school.

Social Problems

There is a documented link between traumatic brain injuries and issues like anxiety and depression. If a child develops these conditions after a TBI, it may affect their ability to socialize and interact with their peers at school and elsewhere. Failing to develop social skills as a child can lead to problems that may continue into adulthood.

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