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Costs of Recovery from a Spinal Cord Injury
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We all know that medical care can be expensive. When you are in a sudden accident and suffer a serious injury, a major concern will be covering the costs of your treatment. Fortunately, if another party caused your accident, you can hold them liable for the costs of your recovery. The following are some examples of the costs of recovering from a spinal cord injury in a fall or traffic accident.

Emergency care – If you experience trauma to your spine, you should always be immediately evaluated by a medical professional and it is a good idea to call an ambulance with personnel who understand how to stabilize your spine. Doctors can then diagnose whether you injured your spinal cord and can assess the severity of the damage and the costs of emergency care and transport are generally at least $1,000.

Hospitalization – Many people with spinal cord injuries can require admittance to the hospital – both for monitoring possible complications and to keep you as stabilized as possible. According to one report,1 a hospital stay in Connecticut can cost more than $3,200 per day and that amount can add up quickly.

Surgery – Some spinal cord injuries require surgery if it is possible to repair the damage that occurred. Surgery on the spine can easily cost upwards of $100,000, not including post-operative care.

Medical equipment – Many spinal cord injury victims are tragically paralyzed either temporarily or permanently. Even temporary paralysis will require a significant amount of medical equipment and long-term paralysis can require high-tech wheelchairs, special beds, breathing assistance machines, and much more, which is all highly expensive.

Therapy – Almost every spinal cord injury victim will require months or even years of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and other types of ongoing treatment. Even a single session can cost more than $100 and this is often needed on a weekly basis or more often.

All of the above costs of recovery do not include the income that is generally lost while a spinal cord injury victim heals and regains their abilities.

Contact a Connecticut Spinal Cord Injury Attorney for Help

Considering the above costs in addition to lost income, pain and suffering, and permanent disability, it should be no surprise that a spinal cord injury can result in hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars in losses. You need a highly experienced spinal cord injury lawyer helping you seek full compensation, so please call Polito & Associates LLC in New London at 860-447-3300.