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11403112_10206874309558626_5179107503467804793_nIn June, Attorney James Harrington volunteered at the Valley Shore YMCA’s triathlon camp for kids.   The YMCA had been chosen by CMAK as one of the locations to host a training program aimed at exposing more children to the sport of triathlon.  CMAK is a non-profit organization named after Chase Michael Anthony Kowalski.   Chase was a young man who found triathlon at an early age, completing  (and winning) his first triathlon at age 6.  Tragically, the following year Chase was killed at Sandy Hook.  His family, friends, and teachers started CMAK to honor him and his commitment to athletics by raising money so others could follow in his footsteps.   Annually, CMAK hosts a number of athletic events for children, including the RACE4CHASE, a kids triathlon.    Prior to that culminating event, kids around the state can attend select camps where they learn from seasoned triathletes about the sport.   James, an avid triathlete himself, volunteered at the camp and shared his knowledge and passion for the sport with a group of young and aspiring triathletes.

You can learn more about CMAK and the RACE4CHASE at:

Bert Polito Esq.