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Many people can confuse the town of Killingworth, Connecticut with the ski resort Killington or nearby town Killingly. However, Killingworth is very much its own distinct town with much to offer any residents or visitors. You can feel the history when you enter Killingworth, from the miles of hand-built old stone walls to several nationally registered historical sites to peaceful country roads. We have activities for people of all ages, both indoors and outdoors. Go for a hike through the woods and you will come across hidden streams and beauty or lay out at night to enjoy the star-filled skies.

Famous actors, athletes, journalists, businessmen, and other notable successful people chose to reside in Killingworth and for good reason. If you are in town, the friendly residents will provide welcoming assistance so you can make the most of your visit. If you live in town, you will likely keep discovering new aspects of the town on a regular basis that make you happy you chose to live here.

Because Killingworth is only a short trip away from New Haven and other larger cities, many people are in and out of the town on a regular basis. Unfortunately, this provides the opportunity for accidents and injuries to occur on the roadways. In addition, people can be accidentally injured in many ways off the roads in town and any injured accident victim should discuss their legal rights and options with an experienced personal injury lawyer.

At Polito & Associates, we have helped many people in the Killingworth area following an accident and we can handle the following cases and more:

Helping Injured Nursing Home Residents in Killingworth

As your loved ones age in the Killingworth area, they may need to move to a long-term care facility such as Beamer Retirement or Beechwood. While you may trust the staff at these facilities will take proper care of your loved one, nursing home residents can become victims of neglect or even intentional abuse. Nursing home neglect and abuse can result in malnutrition, infections, traumatic injuries, mental and emotional injuries, and more. Residents who are harmed by a nursing home staff member have the right to hold the nursing home liable for their injuries and losses. If you have noticed signs of harm, please call our skilled nursing home injury attorneys as soon as possible.

Standing Up for the Rights of Accident Victims

If you have been injured, you know that it can take a significant toll on your life, both on your finances and on your ability to work or participate in everyday activities. If another party caused your accident, our legal team can help you hold them liable for all of your injury-related losses. These losses can include:

  • Medical bills
  • Estimated cost of future treatments
  • Lost income
  • Estimated value of future lost earnings
  • Physical pain and suffering
  • Lost enjoyment of everyday life
  • Permanent impairments or disabilities
  • Emotional trauma

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