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Is a Mild TBI Legally Actionable?

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) come in many forms, ranging from mild to severe. Severe TBI victims often require years of treatment and may be left dealing with permanent impairments as a result of their injury. On the other hand, the symptoms of a mild TBI often clear up in weeks or a couple months and […]

Nursing Home Falls May Be the Result of Negligence

The individuals who reside in nursing homes often have specialized medical needs. They may need help with basic everyday tasks, including eating, bathing, or getting from place to place. In addition, many nursing home residents are older adults who have problems with mobility, requiring them to use aids like wheelchairs, walkers, or canes. For this […]

Connecticut Car Accident FAQ – Part 1

At Polito Law, we regularly represent individuals who have been hurt in serious car accidents Here are some answers to questions that we often hear from victims when we first meet with them about their case. For additional information or to schedule a free consultation with a lawyer, send us an email or call our […]

Even Buzzed Drivers Can Cause Serious Accidents

Like many things in life, alcohol intoxication exists on a spectrum. When many of us picture a stereotypical drunk driver, we picture someone who is glassy-eyed, unable to speak without slurring his or her words, and extremely unsteady on their feet. In reality, however, drivers who are only “buzzed” usually have impaired reaction time and […]

Paralysis after a Spinal Cord Injury: A Lifetime of Medical Expenses

It’s one of the worst possible scenarios that a person can imagine. An accident has resulted in a serious spinal cord injury and has left you paralyzed. There are many different ways this can happen. From a car accident to a sports injury, spinal cord injuries (SCIs) are incredibly dangerous and the aftermath is devastating. […]