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Information About Rear-End Collisions

Traffic intersections are common locations for rear-end car collisions in New London, Connecticut. The majority of rear-enders happen when other drivers are not taking proper care and paying close enough attention to the roadway in front of them. If you have sustained personal injuries in a rear-end motor vehicle collision that resulted from someone else’s […]

There Is No Excuse for Fatigued Truck Driving

Commercial truck drivers—drivers who man the 18-wheeler tractor-trailers that carry the bulk of America’s goods to their destination—are subject to considerable federal regulations regarding how long they can stay behind the wheel before they must take a break. Despite these regulations, commercial truck drivers often drive while fatigued. Driver fatigue can be the result of […]

Protect Yourself from Common Surgical Errors

Medical errors, including common surgical mistakes, kill more than 250,000 every year in the United States alone and injure millions more. Of these deaths, every year, there are more than 4,000 preventable mistakes in surgery, which result in more than $1.3 billion in medical malpractice payouts. Many of these common surgical mistakes are referred to […]

Back-To-School Time Brings Sports Injuries

With the school year back in full swing, parents of student-athletes need to take certain safety precautions and prepare for any potential sports injuries. Each year, more than 1.3 million students will suffer a sports-related injury severe enough to send them to a hospital emergency room. When studies include school-related recreation injuries, that number doubles, […]

Recovering Monetary Compensation for a Birth Injury

The birth of a child should be a happy time for everyone involved. However, all too often, health care providers may be negligent in the delivery room. When mistakes like these happen, catastrophic birth injuries can result. A birth injury can completely alter not only the course of an otherwise healthy infant’s life, but also […]